Ever wondered why there’s color running through wire rope and what it means? In this video we’re going to learn about:

– The different types of strand markers
– Why color coding is used in the US?
– What is a core marker?
– The three major US Wire Rope Manufacturers and the colors used to identify each of them.

VIDEO: Wire Rope Slings: Basic Acronyms, Components, & Configurations

ARTICLE: What Is Wire Rope? Understanding the Specifications and Construction

In this video
0:00 – Intro
0:41 – How do you identify strand markers?
1:08 – Why are strand markers used?
1:21 – What is a strand marker?
1:47 – What is a core marker?
2:18 – What are the main US wire rope manufacturers
2:54 – What colors do the US wire rope manufacturers use to identify their ropes?
4:02 – Closing

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