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Fall Protection Inspection Series: How to Inspect Your Harness

Your fall protection equipment keeps you safe, but only if it is in the proper working condition.

If your harness fails the results could be catastrophic. In this series we show you how to inspect your fall protection gear. In this video we start with your harness and what removal criteria looks like. Inspecting your harness before each use can prevent death, injury, or in the very least an OSHA citation.

Come back for the next episode of the Fall Protection Inspection Series where we show you removal criteria for SRLs and Lanyards.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

1:33 – How often should you inspect your harness?

3:05 – Who should you look to for harness inspection standards and criteria?

3:21 – How to perform a harness inspection – removal criteria

4:06 – What do I need to see on the harness ID tag?

4:43 – How do you inspect a harness?

7:04 – Inspecting a harness removed from service

9:50 – What do harness removal examples look like?

12:23 – An important note about inspecting a harness

12:53 – How to get your FREE harness inspection inforgraphic

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