You can’t have a successful rigging program without inspections, but should you send your slings out or have someone come to you? In this video, we discuss in- house vs. mobile proof testing.

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In this video, we cover:
 ► Why do you need a proof test? (1:01)
 ► Why would you need a mobile proof test? (2:01)
 ► What are some problems with mobile proof testing? (3:46)
 ► What is a repair and exchange program? (8:10)

We also cover:
 ► Can I tour the Mazzella Companies facility? (11:18)
 ► Do I need to have all my lifting slings inspected? (12:10)
 ► Should I be worried if my rigging inspection company won’t let me tour
their facility? (15:59)
 ► What factors affect the cost of mobile proof testing? (18:08)
 ► How long does proof testing take? (23:01)

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