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What is the Cost of a Rigging Inspection?

“What is the cost of a rigging inspection?” is one of the first questions our inspectors get asked by a potential customer. So, we brought in Tom Horner, Mazzella’s Corporate Rigging Inspection Manager, to shed some light on the factors that can affect the cost of a rigging inspection.

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In this video, we cover:
► How often should you inspect your rigging gear? (1:33)
► Why hire a third party rigging inspection company? (2:20)
► What is the rigging inspection process? (4:12)
► Should production be up and running during a rigging inspection? (5:03)
► What rigging gear will be inspected? (5:48)
► What happens after a rigging inspection? (6:35)

We also cover:
► What affects the cost of a rigging inspection? (7:46)
► How much does a rigging inspection cost? (9:02)
► What about free rigging inspections? (9:52)

And we wrap up with:
► How to get more information about rigging inspections (11:41)

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