LED lighting is ultra-efficient, can lower the cost of your utility bills, is virtually maintenance-free, and offers brighter illumination in your facility. But is an Industrial LED retrofit right for your facility?

Want to see if your business is a good fit? Speak with a LED retrofit specialist by contacting us here.

In this video, we cover:
► Who is EcoZohm? (0:48)
► Why focus on long-lasting LED lighting? (1:45)
► How are LED lights rated for quality? (2:15)
► What is an energy efficiency funding assessment? (3:06)
► How does the EEFA program work? (3:54)

We also cover:
► How do different states affect tax breaks and rebates? (5:05)
► What is the process for starting an EEFA program? (5:39)
► How long will these EEFA programs last? (8:25)
► Things you should consider before you contact us (9:43)

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