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Good vs. Bad Lifting and Rigging Inspections

You want to ensure that your equipment is being properly inspected in order to keep your facility and workers safe. So, when you hire someone to do an inspection, you want to make sure they’re doing a thorough job. However, that’s not always the case; the inspector misses important problems, the inspection seems too quick or there’s a problem in communication. In order to understand what makes a good and bad inspection, we spoke with Tom Horner, Mazzella’s Corporate rigging inspection manager.

No matter who you end up choosing for your next inspection, we want to provide you with:
– Knowledge to find the right inspector
– Ability to ask the right questions
– Awareness to look out for warning signs if the inspection isn’t going the way it should
– Understanding the steps to take if you’ve had a bad inspection

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In this video
0:00 – Intro
1:03 – What does a bad inspection look like?
1:56 – How long should an inspection take?
3:07 – How do I find an inspector?
6:58 – How should I prepare for an inspection?
9:05 – What is Mazzella’s inspection process?
12:36 – Closing

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