How to Inspect a Wire Rope Lifting Sling to OSHA and ASME Standards

Proper inspection of your wire rope slings for damage or irregularities, prior to each use, is the best way to help keep everybody on the job site safe.

Learn how to inspect a wire rope lifting sling to OSHA and ASME standards in the first lesson of Sling Inspection 101.

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In this video:
► Wire rope sling identification tag requirements 0:17
► Visual inspection demo 0:39
► Basic inspection criteria for wire rope slings 1:53
► Rejection criteria 2:15

Enroll in Sling Inspection 101 to learn the OSHA and ASME standards of wire rope, synthetic web, alloy chain, synthetic roundsling, high-performance roundsling, metal mesh, and synthetic rope lifting slings.

Our goal is to help you understand what is required for your lifting slings to meet ASME standards, which in turn, will help to ensure the safety of the users, help extend the service life of the slings, and help reduce unnecessary equipment repair costs and loss of production due to equipment downtime.

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