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Meet Our Hoist Repair Team Servicing Manual, Electric, and Air Hoists

Meet our hoist repair team offering hoist repair, inspection, and replacement parts for manual, electric, and air (pneumatic) hoists.

Do you have any manual, electric, or air hoists that are down and in need of service? Contact us to get your team back up and running.

In this video:

1) Our “Buffalo Mentality” taking our hoist repair business and building a specific process for quotes, tracking, service, and shipping.
► What types of hoists can Mazzella repair? 1:22
► How hoist repair quotes differ between manual, electric, and air hoists 1:30

2) Why we broke the hoist repair team out into a separate business unit and placed our most experienced crane technician at the heart of it.
► Our strict parameters for the timeline and repair of hoists 1:50
► What is our volume/capacity for hoist repair? 2:08
► How are the people within the hoist repair team trained? 2:30

3) How we facilitate communication between the customer, the repair team, and inside sales.
► Ashley will ensure the lines of communication between the customer, operations, and sales are seamless 2:54
► Mazzella’s new hoist repair process 3:14

4) How we ensure your hoist repair or replacement is taken care of as fast as possible.
► How the lines of communication work here at Mazzella 4:03
► What is the cost of a hoist repair? 4:28

5) Lead times are important and our goal is to get your hoist back to you as soon as possible.
► What you can do to help speed up this process 5:03
► We use OEM parts specific to each hoist 5:40

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