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Using a Horizontal Lifeline System for Workers Training at Height

In this video, we take you to the Steamfitters Local 449 training facility in Harmony, PA where we were able to provide a fall protection solution for their students training at height.

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The Problem:
The Steamfitters local 449 training facility had a brand new training tower that needed a fall protection system. That system needed to allow for several students to work at height at the same time.

Our Solution:
Our team at Mazzella worked to install a horizontal and vertical lifeline system that would allow several students to work simultaneously, hands-free, and with 100% tie-off while working at height.

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In this case study, Wayne Garrett, Lifting Specialist with Mazzella, takes us through some of the early conversations that started to lend itself toward the Tractel TravSafe system.

Wayne is joined by Dale Glavin and Brad Tisdale from Steamfitters Local 449’s training facility. They talk about the goal of the Steamfitters training facility, how working with Wayne was like adding a partner to their team, and why they invested in the vertical and horizontal lifeline system.

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