What is Sling Protection?

Do you find that you go through a lot of slings and seem to constantly buy new ones? Or, have you noticed that load damage in your facility is often caused by the sling itself? Both issues are related to one of the most common rigging problems and lack of proper sling protection. Specifically, sling protection products that are added to a sling or the load itself to prevent damage.

We sat down Mazzella’s lifting specialist, Nick Gordon, who focuses on any and all lifting and rigging needs including sling protection.

In this video we will cover:
– What sling protection is
– Why it’s necessary to use added sling protection
– The risks of not properly protecting your slings
– Common sling protection products

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ARTICLE: Sling Protection: What It Is, Different Types, and When to Use It

In this video
0:00 – Intro
0:54 – What is sling protection?
1:40 – Web sling protection
2:48 – Leather sling protection
3:32 – CornerMax® Sleeves and Pads
5:12 – Other lifting protection
5:41 – Wrapping it up
6:01 – Closing

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