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What Is the Cost of an Overhead Crane Inspection?

OSHA, ASME, and CMAA require you to perform a periodic inspection on your overhead crane. Inspection frequency can be quarterly to annually and is based on service, environment, and application factors. A periodic inspection is a detailed visual and operational inspection where individual components are examined to determine their condition.

Many maintenance supervisors and plant mangers mistakenly think that they are in compliance with inspection standards if they have their crane equipment inspected once a year. This misconception can be costly and lead to fines and downtime if OSHA were to come on-site and issue citations after performing an audit.

In this video, we discuss how often your cranes need to be inspected and how much that inspection will cost.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

1:26 – How often does your overhead crane need to be inspected?

2:00 – Why should you hire a third party company to inspect your crane?

2:34 – What does Mazzella’s crane inspection services offer?

3:09 – What makes Mazzella’s crane inspectors qualified?

3:51 – How should you prepare for an overhead crane inspection?

5:36 – Does production need to be shut down for an overhead crane inspection?

6:20 – How long will a crane be down for an inspection?

6:50 – What can you expect after an overhead crane inspection?

8:12 – What affects the cost of an overhead crane inspection?

8:52 – How much does an overhead crane inspection cost?

9:36 – Should an overhead crane inspection be free?

11:02 – How can you get more information on overhead crane inspections?

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