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Mazzella Companies Acquires Pope Rigging Loft, Inc.

CLEVELAND, OH – Mazzella Companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. This acquisition further strengthens Mazzella’s footprint west of the Mississippi River and reinforces Mazzella’s commitment to be a one-stop resource for lifting and rigging services and solutions.

Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. has been in business since 1946 and serves a variety of industries including Construction, Industrial, Marine, Municipal, Railroad, and Towing out of their location in Portland, OR. Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. is a full-service rigging supplier including custom lifting slings, rigging hardware, pull-testing, inspections, training, and splicing and socketing services. Effective immediately, Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. will operate as Mazzella Pope Rigging Loft. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

“Pope Rigging Loft will complement the wide range of lifting products and services that Mazzella Companies offers. We are dedicated to being a single-source provider for overhead lifting and rigging products, rigging inspection services, and rigging training. Both companies commit to delivering a high level of expertise, knowledge, and take pride in our exemplary reputation and service we provide to our customers,” says Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies.

This acquisition will provide Mazzella with a strategic location in the Pacific Northwest that allows them to grow and expand their reach past the Oklahoma City and Denver markets.

“We at Pope Rigging Loft are excited to join the Mazzella team. We weren’t willing to sell to just anyone because above all, we required a buyer with integrity and a buyer that would provide a good future for our employees and repeat customers. Our commitment will not change since our beginning 75 years ago. Our customers will find more resources and diversified lifting products and services available to them. We have developed a caring, supportive, and empowering culture with our employees of many years, and it was our goal to find a buyer that would carry on the same culture and legacy that has been established. That goal was truly achieved with Mazzella,” says Steven and William Pope, Co-Owners of Pope Rigging.

“We’re excited to bring on this family-run business and the great reputation that the Pope family has earned during their 75 years in business. The Pope family has always prided themselves on exceptional service and delivering solutions designed to their customers’ exact specifications. We intend to continue to deliver that high level of service their customers have come to expect. We welcome the Pope family and the team at Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. into the Mazzella organization,” says Mazzella.

Questions? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Change!

We’ve changed our name from Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. to Mazzella. Aside from the new name and logo, our member experience is virtually unchanged. Here are some common questions and answers related to this change.

When did Pope Rigging Loft become a Mazzella Company?

In 2021, Pope Rigging Loft, Inc. was acquired by Mazzella Companies to expand lifting and rigging products and services to the western half of the United States.

With our customers in mind, Mazzella Companies has decided to consolidate all of the rigging brands under one name, “Mazzella”.

Who is Mazzella Companies?

In 1954, James Mazzella founded Mazzella Wire Rope & Sling Co. in Cleveland, OH. For over 67 years, the company has grown organically by nurturing historic relationships, expanding its product offerings, and entering new markets through acquisition.

Today, Mazzella Companies is one of the largest privately held companies in the lifting and rigging industries. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to over 800 employees with over 30 locations across North America. Our product offerings have expanded from basic rigging products, to include:

  • Overhead crane fabrication
  • Crane and hoist service and repair
  • Engineered lifting devices
  • High-performance crane ropes
  • Lifting and rigging training
  • OSHA mandated inspections
  • Fall protection solutions
  • Sheet and coil for metal roof systems
  • Metal rollforming machinery

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to a no-excuses, customer-first mentality that extends from the shop floor to the front office. Some of the major markets Mazzella serves are: Mining, Steel, Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Shipbuilding, Vehicle and Durable Goods. Mazzella’s diverse portfolio includes Sheffield Metals a manufacturer and distributor of coated bare metal products for engineered metal roof and wall systems. New Tech Machinery is a manufacturer of portable roof panel and gutter machines—recognized as the world’s finest portable rollformers.

What has changed?

Just the name. We want to be clear that our people, locations, products, and services have not changed. We will be moving to the Mazzella name for all rigging brands under the Mazzella Companies umbrella in order to create a better experience for our customers and employees.

How does this affect me as a customer?

With all the Mazzella rigging locations working as one team and under one name, your level of service and support will be improved exponentially. Nothing will change in terms of the local team you’re used to working with. The same people will still be here—the only thing that will be changing will be the name of the organization they work for. You now have more resources, inventory, and clearer lines of communication. Our goal is to improve your experience and instill confidence and comfort in every interaction.

Why did the name change?

Mazzella is experiencing rapid growth. With this growth, we can better serve our customers as one team under the Mazzella name, versus many companies operating independently. The only change you will experience will be better service and improved lines of communication between our people and yours.

Can I order the same products?

Yes. We will still offer all the same products and services. Mazzella will always be your one source for lifting and rigging products.

Will I still have the same level of service?

For sure! We hope to expand our service line across the entire United States. With over 30 locations, your level of service should only be improved and lines of communication more clear.

Do I have to do anything?

No. Aside from the name change, it is business as usual!



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