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Progressive Crane Indoor / Outdoor Cranes

Progressive Crane's complete line of gantries and accessories provides a reliable and economical solution for your moving and lifting needs. Durable and portable, our gantries handle capacities from 1 to 15 tons, spans from 8 to 40 feet and heights from 6 to 35 feet. There’s one to handle any application.

Steel Gantries—

Give you the greatest capacity and lifting height.

Aluminum Alloy Gantries—

Are ideal when you require a lightweight, quick knockdown gantry for easy portability or corrosion resistance.

Portable Gantries—

Plant maintenance applications requiring replacement and relocation of equipment and machinery. Service truck applications requiring quick knockdown for fast, easy movement to and from a work site.

Adjustable Gantries—

Warehousing applications requiring the movement of loads through aisles, doorways, around obstacles and over or under obstructions. Welding and fabrication shop applications using fixed or adjustable gantries for lifting parts and equipment into position.

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