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Rouster Lifting & Rigging Cordage

Rouster Lifting & Rigging stocks all types of high performance synthetic ropes (HMPE - High Modulus Polyethylene Fiber Rope) and manufactures assemblies for the heavy lifting, mining, utilities and river trade industries.

We stock all types and diameters of synthetic ropes and the hardware to make winch lines in any length. We distribute synthetic rope products from some of the largest manufacturers in the country and stock the most popular brands and diameters from these manufacturers. We also have some of the most skilled employees at making assemblies from these products.

Synthetic Rope Products:

Plasma® 12 Strand Technora® 12 Strand Polyester Double Braid Sta-Set Double Braid Endura 12 Multiline 2

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291 Fernandez Drive
Beckley, West Virginia 25801
Phone. 304.252.6031
Fax. 304.929.3939

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