6 x 7 Classification Wire Ropes

6 x 7 Classification Wire Ropes give long service in operating conditions where ropes are dragged along the ground or over rollers. Larger sheaves and drums (than those used for more flexible constructions) are required to avoid breakage from fatigue. 6 x 7 Classification Ropes contain 6 strands with 3 through 14 wires, no more than 9 of which are outside wires.

In a 6 x 7 rope, the wires are larger than those of other constructions of the same diameter. Wires of a 6 x 7 are approximately twice the diameter of outer wires of a 6 x 25 FW rope. The large size of the outer wire gives the class excellent abrasion resistance—at great sacrifice of bendability and resistance to fatigue. The standard 6 x 7 rope construction is made with fiber core and right regular lay.

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Characteristics 6 x 7 Rope

Excellent abrasion resistance; less bending fatigue resistance.

Typical Applications

Dragging and haulage in mines, inclined planes and tramways, sand lines.

6 x 7 Classification Wire Rope: Chart 1



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