How to Measure Wire Rope Assemblies

How to order:

We can produce any assembly to fit your specifications precisely. When ordering, please consider the following:

  • Diameter of the wire rope.
  • Wire rope classification or construction.
  • Rope material (stainless, galvanized, bright, etc.).
  • Rated capacity required.
  • Length as described by reference points (see diagram below).
  • Fitting material required.
  • For threaded fittings, specify the type, length and hand of thread.
  • For terminals, such as forks and eyes, please specify how they should be positioned relative to each other— same plane or opposite planes.
  • The number of completed assemblies required.

How to measure reference points for specifying your assemblies:

Here are several examples of various assemblies. The dotted vertical lines indicate the reference points. Please specify these reference points when you order. If you need a customized assembly not shown here, please call us and we’ll supply you what you need.

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