Carton Flow Racking Systems

Carton Flow Rack Pick Systems for Order Fulfillment

Typically found in warehouses with high volume order picking, these systems can be loaded from the front or the back and the product cartons slide down gravity-fed rollers or wheels to the front of the racking system for picking and packing orders.


Carton Flow Rack Systems are Great for:

Warehouses that utilize split-carton picking and require high-volume order picking. Common applications include order fulfillment centers, food and beverage distribution centers, small parts distributors, etc.

Carton flow rack is designed for boxes and small products, or split case picking. Carton flow rack brings a dramatic upgrade in cost-savings because it improves warehouse efficiency by organizing product and rotating stock automatically. Since the system uses gravity as a free source of power, carton flow rack can save anywhere from 25% – 75% in labor costs over your standard storage solution.

Carton flow rack systems are versatile and can accommodate fast-moving to slow-moving inventory, and are ideal for odd-shaped cases, cartons, bins, or merchandise. Optional accessories like wheel track and guide upgrades provide a high level of strength, performance, and reliability.

Advantages of Carton Flow Rack Systems:

  • Save space, reduce cost, and increase efficiency for order fulfillment centers
  • Roller or wheel systems can be configured for dedicated product lanes, or to accommodate cartons of different sizes and configurations
  • Can be loaded from either the front or the back
  • Uses gravity as free power source
  • Utilizes First-in First-out (FIFO) or Last-in-First-out (LIFO) retrieval methods
  • Have a dramatic cost savings
  • Visibility of products prevents out of stock dilemma
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