Chain Sling Inspection and Repair Program

We make it easy for you to comply with OSHA!

As easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  1. Field Sling Inspection—by certified inspectors to OSHA and ASME standards criteria. We employ more than 90 certified inspectors.
  2. Pickup—our inspectors can often take the damaged chains with them or they can schedule a truck for you.
  3. Sling Repair and Return—after receiving your approval, we repair the chain sling(s) in-house and return them promptly.

We will provide the required documentation to you and will schedule your next OSHA required inspection.

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Cleaning & Inspection

Prior to a thorough inspection, we tumble chains to clean off any rust, grease, or other debris. Then all chains are inspected link by link and the condition is recorded. Only damaged chain and/or fittings are replaced.


Heat Treating

After welding, replaced links are individually heat treated with the most modern induction heat treat methods and equipment for optimum strength and durability.

Chain Inspection & Repair Program 2



All repaired alloy chain slings are proof-tested to comply fully with applicable OSHA regulations for alloy chain slings.

Chain Inspection & Repair Program 3


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