duraKlear™ Web Sling Identification Tag

Mazzella developed a synthetic web sling tag where the lettering will last the life of the sling. The tag is a clear, durable web sling tag — called duraKlearTM.  What makes this tag so great is that the printing is on the inside and the copy won’t rub off.

We have done extensive testing to prove the tag’s durability, and there will be no additional cost for this new style tag. We also have the ability to private label on larger orders or on a customer-specific request. See photos for the different options that are currently available.




  • Lettering remains legible for life of sling
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Dirt, oil and grease wipe off
  • Ease of inspection under the tag
  • Tag has UV inhibitors
  • Custom logos available


ASME B30.9 states…

“Sling identification shall be done by the sling manufacturer.”

“Identification of the sling should be maintained by the user so as to be legible during the life of the sling.”

duraKlear™ Identification Tag Zoom In

duraKlearTM Tag is still legible after 10 months in the field!

*   Inquire about custom tags on large sling orders. Contact your local Lifting Specialist for more details about this unique tag.


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