Harrington RY Series Wire Rope Hoist

Harrington’s RY Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists are designed for safety, reliability and performance. These ultra-low headroom trolley hoists have an H4 duty rating for high demand applications and standard configurations are certified and listed to UL 1340 “Standard for Hoists” and CSA 22.2 No. 33.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Speed VFD for both axis, trolley and hoist.
  • No Load High speed of 1.5 x the standard high speed when hoist has a load less than 25% of rated capacity.
  • UL 1340  listing.  The standard for hoists.
  • Heavy duty, fan cooled motor.  H4 rated, 60 minute motor rating.  IP55 gasket sealed to protect from dust and water.
  • Full 360 degree rope guide.  Made of high strength polymer for durability and designed for easy replacement.
  • IWRC (coated core) premium wire rope.
  • Deep grooved rope drum.
  • Externally adjustable upper and lower limit switches.
  • Upper emergency paddle limit.  (In compliance with the US Safety Standard ASME B30)
  • High performance, self-adjusting pull rotor brake for 3 and 5 ton units.  Guardian Smart Brake in the 7.5 and 10 ton units.  All capacities offering a 5 year warranty on the brake.
  • Trolley standard with guide rollers and rubber bumpers.
  • Externally adjustable trolley brake.


Product TypeWire Rope Hoist
Capacity (tons)3, 5, 7.5, and 10 ton
Lift (feet)25, 33 (3 and 5 ton) 30,40 (7.5 and 10 ton)
Hoist ModelRY
Headroom (inches)25, 25.6, 32.3
Speeds26, 4.3 NLHS 39 (3 and 5 ton) 20, 3.3 NLHS 30 (7.5 and 10 ton)
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