HYDRASHEAR®—Models W-075, P-1125 and C-1750

The self-contained hydraulic cable cutter is a precision-engineered tool designed to give a clean cut with minimum effort. Just pump the handle…no outside power is required.


This self-contained portable tool can be easily carried and is used by contractors, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen. All three models will operate under water.

The Pell HYDRASHEAR® is recommended by wire rope manufacturers and used by industries throughout the world. The blades and die sets are made of the finest tool steel available, heat treated and ground to close tolerances. This means a long life for the blades, as well as superior performance.

The hydraulic cutters are available in three sizes and capacities. The Model W-075 has a 3/4″ capacity, the Model P-1125 a 1-1/8″ capacity and the Model C-1750 has a 1-3/4″ capacity.


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