Jergens Traditional Center Pull Hoist Rings

Popular sized hoist rings (1/2-13 through 1-8) are offered with two or more length bolts. Use the longer lengths with softer parent materials, the shorter lengths with hard materials, such as steel.

  • Full 360° Swivel and 180° Pivot Action
  • Rated at 5:1 Strength Factor
  • Alloy Steel
  • Black Oxide (Except Washer)
  • U-Bar, Bolt, Pins, Base, Washer and Bushing are Magnetic Particle Inspected


  • Blue (Metric) Conversion Coating
  • Proof Tested to 200% of Rated Load Capacity
  • Certificate of Proof Test provided
  • 3D Solid Models available in multiple formats
  • CE Certified
  • Long Bar sizes available
  • Also available in Metric sizes
  • Ask about different finishes / coatings


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