Little Mule Lineman’s 344 and 322 Strap Hoist

Lever Hoists

The Little Mule Lineman’s Strap Hoist is high quality and dependable, making it one of the favorites of linemen across the nation. This strap hoist is designed for rugged use with dependability in mind.

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Features and Benefits

Non-Conductive Handle

Fiberglass handle with polyester webbing provides added non-conductive material when using proper hot line handling techniques. Some models also available with hot stick ring on handle.

Easy Access Directional Lever

Improved directional lever makes it easier than ever to access, especially with a gloved hand. Hot stick compatible.

Lightweight and Rugged

These hoists are made with cast aluminum frames as well as corrosion-resistant stainless steel springs and frame shafts. Roller shafts are stainless steel plated. All rotating shafts are mounted on bronze bushings for reduced wear.

X Hooks and Gate Latches

All hooks swivel 360° and are equipped with latches. Optional hooks with gates can also be added.

Positive Load Holding & Easy Positioning

Double interlocking pawls assure one pawl is engaged at all times. Dual pawl springs provide unsurpassed reliability. Utilizing a double pawl system, this multiple pawl stops for precise load adjustment.

Safe and Open Design

Thumbscrews used to secure the handle are pegged and cannot be backed out. Competitive units use butterfly nuts which can cause the handle to come loose. The open design allows for easy inspection and cleaning.

Easy to Operate

Self-storing web drum provides compact operation. Non-conductive winding wheel provided for quick take-up or positioning of slack webbing. Easily removable sheave block with a quick-disconnect design allows for the hoist to be converted for double- or single-line use.

4:1 Design Factor

Meets or exceeds minimum 4:1 design factor and all requirements of asme/ansi standard b-30.21. All units tested at 125% of rated load.

Overload Feature

Solid fiberglass handle, with replaceable tips, bends to alert the operator of a possible overload.

Open Design

The open design allows for easy inspection and cleaning.

Hook Options

  • Standard hook with safety latch
  • Hot stick ring hook with safety latch
  • Standard hook with heavy-duty swivel gate latch
  • Hot stick ring hook with hot stick ring safety latch

Handle Options

Standard handle: solid fiberglass, non-conductive handle (standard)
Handle with hot stick ring: solid fiberglass, non-conductive handle with aluminum hot stick ring


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