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The very high strength, low stretch, ultra low creep, Endura 12 utilizes the latest ultra high molecular weight polyethelene fiber in a 12-strand construction.

This high tech fiber and construction provided an extremely high strength, light weight rope that is non-rotational and easily spliced. Endura 12 is ideally suited for wire replacement applications where size, strength, and stretch are the main design considerations.


  • Replacement for steel cable
  • Tug boat tow lines
  • Winch lines
  • Helicopter lifting lines
  • Underground pulling lines, and slings.
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All HMPE fiber ropes come with TEUFELBERGER’s proprietary abrasion resistant coating that is specially formulated to yield higher strength and more durable and water-resistant lines. Coatings are available in the following colors: White (clear), Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Green, Yellow, and Green.


Endura 12 Rope Colors

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Back then it was making its signature product at the time, 3-strand premium nylon. The same product is produced today to the same exacting standards. A half century later, the brand is still committed to quality, innovation and continuous improvement. Consider New England Ropes uncompromising. That is the reputation you get when you develop products for the toughest customers in the cruising, performance racing, dinghy sailing and powerboat markets. In fact, the product range of New England ropes in broader than of any other brand in the global market. Regardless of your sailing or boating style, products by New England Ropes are engineered to offer superior feel, handling and performance. They enable cruisers to feel safe and comfortable in any waters. They allow racing sailors to push their limits and of their sport, and almost fly across the water! They reassure competitive dinghy and aspiring Olympic athletes that they will take to the water with the lightest and best performing to maximize their result.
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Grey, Red, Green, White, Blue, Orange, Blue and Red

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