Rigid Lifelines Traveling Bridge

360-Degree User Movement

Rigid Lifelines® Traveling Bridge Anchor Track System features a trolley that traverses a traveling bridge. The traveling bridge, in turn, glides along two mounted runways.

With the double axes, the trolley can effortlessly follow the user in any direction (360 degrees). The worker’s attachment point is always centered over his or her head—minimizing swing fall hazards—something not possible on wire rope or I-beam systems.


Ceiling-mounted systems are mounted either parallel or perpendicular (cross) to the building’s existing ceiling support beams. Flush mount hangers maximize working heights, while a drop rod hanger with sway bracing can be used to overcome overhead obstacles.

Freestanding systems are compatible with large overhead cranes because they only come up to the length of the freestanding columns. Freestanding systems can also be easily repositioned when workflow or plant layout changes.


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