Schmalz VacuMaster—Basic

Construction, Function and Performance of the Lifting Device VacuMaster


  • Long lifetime due to extremely robust construction
  • Individual adaptation of the device with a compact modular system


  • Audible warning in the case of a power failure
  • Large vacuum reservoir
  • Unique manual slide valve prevents incorrect operation
  • Clearly visible manometer
  • High availability due to maximum reliability


  • Easy handling thanks to low intrinsic weight
  • All controls easily accessible
  • Compliance with the latest ergonomic knowledge protects user’s health


The lifting device VacuMaster Basic is suitable for, among other things, handling of plates and barrels.

The vacuum lifting device’s high degree of convertibility is ensured by pump sizes, handlebar lengths, suction plates, longitudinal beams and cross beams, which can be individually adjusted to the specific application. The longitudinal beam includes an integrated vacuum reservoir and distributor. Ergonomic work is made possible by the handlebar. The warning unit and a check valve guarantee a high degree of occupational safety.

Workpieces can be optionally swiveled by 90° or flipped over by 180° with the VacuMaster Basic. This device is appropriate for use in lifting borders of 125 to 750 kg.


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