Slingmax® CornerMax® Sleeves: Engineered Cut Protection

The CornerMax® sleeve is the latest in rigging protection from SLINGMAX® Rigging Solutions.

The CornerMax® sleeve is the ideal solution to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax® pad, whether due to curvature of the load edge or repetitive uses, such as unloading steel coils. Independent field and laboratory testing has shown the CornerMax® sleeve to be extremely cut resistant. The CornerMax® sleeve is made with high-tech fiber and is proven tough.

In some applications, the CornerMax® sleeve may be attached to the sling to prevent slippage. The true benefits of this revolutionary material far outweigh the costs, and now provide for the use of synthetic slings in applications previously dominated by heavy chain, mesh and wire rope slings.

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CornerMax® Sleeves: Engineered Cut Protection Table


Twin-Path® Coil Sling

  • 10 times lighter than conventional steel coil gripper slings.
  • The Twin-Path® Coil Sling is so light that it is easy to grab and pull the sling.
  • Will not damage the load.
  • Repairable as manufacturer can remove a damaged CornerMax® sleeve and sew a new one to the sling.

CornerMax® Sleeves: Engineered Cut Protection Specs


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