Slingmax® Covermax® Covers

Any Twin-Path® sling can be made with a Covermax® cover. This is made of a heavy-duty, double-layer industrial nylon material. The outside cover is green and the inside cover is red. If you see any red showing through the green cover, stop using the sling and get a repair evaluation. This cover has been tested to provide the best ultraviolet (UV) protection and the best abrasion protection of any commercially available synthetic lifting sling.

See chart for summary of cover tests.
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Three Early Warnings:

  1. Slingmax® Covermax® covers can be repaired. Over 99% of Twin-Path® slings stay in service.
  2. Fiber optics can be replaced if damaged.
  3. The Check-Fast® System and overload tell-tails can be reset or replaced to keep your Twin-Path® sling in service.
All Repairable!


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