Synthetic Web Slings with Edge Guard Protection

EEI—803 EG x 3′ Edge Guard Sling

1 Ply 3″ Wide x 3′ Long / Twist Eye #4

  • For added abrasion edge protection.
  • Available in capacities up to 4″, 4 ply.
  • Edge Guard slings are available in:
    – Flat eye (Type 3) EE
    – Twisted eye (Type 4) EE
    – Endless EN
    – TT1 and TT2
    – Reverse Eye (RE)
    – Note: Indicate “EG” when ordering Edge Guard slings

Note: Tapering—Types 3 and 4 are tapered at 3″ and wider unless otherwise specified.


Edge Guard Web Slings Flat or Twisted Eye Specs

Edge Guard Web Slings Endless Specs

Edge Guard Web Slings TC Specs

Edge Guard Web Slings Specs

* TT cannot be used in a choker hitch

Tapering: Flat, Twisted Eye and Endless Slings are tapered at 3″ and wider unless specified differently when ordering.

Treatment: Unless requested, all slings will have an abrasion resistant treatment applied. Polyester slings are without this treatment.


Red Tracer Yarn Inspection Aid

All standard Mazzella nylon and polyester web slings have red warning yarns. Red core yarns may become exposed when the sling surface is cut or worn through the woven face yarns. This is one criteria, but not the only one for removal from service! This aids in the inspection process. Indicated in the below circles.

Edge Guard Web Slings Red Tracer Yarn


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