Temporary 4 Person System Lifeline – Synthetic


  • 5/8 inch low stretch polyester double braid with wear indicator.
  • Max 80 feet up to 4 persons
  • Simple to install via RVT – Rope Vice Tensioner
  • Rope bag keeps equipment protected and stowed
  • Easy to take down and install with quick release arm
  • 15/16 inch spanner flats allow additional tension reducing sag
  • Pulley will slip to avoid over tensioning
  • Lightweight and portable 3.56lb (RVT only)
  • Alloy construction powder coated
  • Can be produced in a range of color
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Ultra Safe


The configuration of the 96964-80 System is as follows:

Up to 80 feet of 5/8 inch rope c/w a swivel socket to reduce rope twist. The RVT (Rope Vice Tensioner) is used to tension and lock system. System can be tightened by hand or additional tension may be applied with a 15/16 inch spanner, the pulley slips when MAX tension is achieved.

The lightweight device is manufactured from high grade alloy and to keep moving parts free running, the pulley, cam and swivel socket are high tensile brass. All parts are powder coated for enhanced protection and visibility.

For construction and other applications Ultra-Safe also offers its stanchion to provide multi-span protection. Simply run lines between stanchions and use a Y-type lanyard to remain attached at all times.• Meets or exceeds OSHA & ANSI Standards.

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