Teufelberger Evolution TK27

The new high end hoist rope featuring maximum breaking forces at rope grade 1960.


  • Lang’s lay, right or left lay
  • 18 x K7 – PIWRC (K), RCN 23-3
  • Multilayer spooling

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The applications of mobile cranes are getting more and more demanding. Higher lifting heights, heavier loads, increased operating efficiency and an optimized overall weight for transport are just some of the current challenges. With the high performance steel wire rope Evolution TK27 including a comprehensive service package, Teufelberger has developed the optimum solution for all terrain cranes and crawler cranes.

Benefits of Evolution TK27:

  • Highest breaking forces at rope grade 1960 are achieved due to the innovative rope construction with strand and core compaction. Thus, Teufelberger can achieve higher breaking forces than other wire ropes on the market in tensile strength 2160 N/mm2.
  • Excellent spooling behavior due to high rope efficiency even without load. This ensures a very long service life of the steel wire rope, even when lifting down loads from great heights, e.g. for servicing and dismantling windmills.
  • Wear-optimized design for rope and crane components due to the round rope surface with the highly compacted 18 outer strands at rope grade 1960
  • Perfect spooling behavior in multilayer spooling use due to the rope’s high flexibility and dimensional stability under lateral pressure
  • No twisting of the load even with high heights and heavy loads, ensured by the balanced rope construction


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