Threaded Stud

When your application requires a simple threaded assembly, the threaded stud is the most economical choice. You can depend on the tolerances with this assembly.

Materials available:

  • Carbon Steel (standard)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Higher Strength Steels
  • Zinc Plating, also available


We furnish the studs without wrench flats unless specified on the order.

When measuring the thread length, use the minimum dimensions to make use of existing qualified designs.

Thread length may be increased if desired. The standard thread used is Right Hand National Course Class 2A, but other threads are available on request.

The B and A fitting dimensions are needed, along with the maximum length of the assembly measured using the outside end of the stud.

Custom designs with different fitting lengths and thread diameters are available, but that may reduce the assembly’s ultimate rated capacity. Please check with our Customer Service Department.


Threaded Stud: Specs

Threaded Stud chart

* Galvanized Aircraft Cable


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