Non-rotation resistant, 8 strand rope made out of compacted outer strands.

  • Temperature range of use: –50°C to +115°C
  • Suitable for multi-layer spooling in Lang‘s lay
  • Available in ordinary lay and Lang‘s lay
  • Available in right hand and left hand
  • Available in galvanized and ungalvanized

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High breaking load and good resistance against crushing. Hoisting rope in multiple part reeving for smaller lifting heights as well as for twin hoist systems with left and right hand lay ropes for greater lifting heights.

  • Fully lubricated.
  • Has a plastic layer between the steel core and the outer strands, giving the rope a high structural stability, avoiding internal rope destruction and protecting the core against corrosive environment.
  • Has a very high breaking load and a good resistance against crushing.
  • Note: This rope may not be used with a swivel.
  • Available in sizes from: 5/16″ to 2″ and 8 mm to 50 mm
  • Available in 1770 and 1960 grades.
  • Minimum breaking loads from 11,243 lbs. to 510,437 lbs.


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