Walker Magnetics Bi-Polar Series Lifting Magnets

Bi-Polar magnets lift directly from the center of the load, so no aisle room is required to sling or maneuver a hook. Loads can be stacked as high as the crane allows.


Handling of bundles of pipe, tubing, rebar, bar stock, plate, structural shapes, castings, forgings and coiled strips.


Other sizes for series 271 available from 3,750 to 35,000 lbs. rated lift. Other sizes for series 272 available from 900 to 35,000 lbs. rated lift. Contact your Lifting Specialist for detailed specs and pricing.

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The 271 series has a special design that concentrates the magnetic field, preventing the attraction of adjacent material and making it especially suitable for handling bundles of pipe, tubing, rebar and bar stock. These magnets are commonly used by steel mills, coil and pipe distributors, and other users of applicable steel products.

The 272 series has a very wide range of applications in all areas of the steel industry, from mill to foundry through distribution to the end user. The magnets are typically used in the production and handling of plate, structural shapes, castings, forgings, coiled strips, individual and bundled lengths of pipe, tubing, rebar and bar stock. Both models can be supplied with special pole shoes for specific applications.

Bi-Polar lift magnets can be used individually or in multiples with various types of suspension systems. Walker engineers and supplies the complete system, including power supply, controls, battery backup unit and spreader beams.


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