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Mazzella In Business View Magazine: November 2015

The Mazzella Companies

As featured in Business View Magazine
Leader in Overhead Lifting and Rigging Vows to Remain Independent.

Mazzella Companies is 60 years old. Current CEO, Tony Mazzella, recounts how the original company was founded by his father in 1954: “My dad got into the wire rope and sling-making business because of his father, who invented several types of wire rope slings. My grandfather, Antonio Mazzella, patented five wire rope slings and sold his patents to a wire rope company. My dad and grandfather went to work for that company and started their first wire rope shop. This was back I the early 1940s when my dad was a young kid. He went to work right after his sophomore year in high school. He ended up going into the Service and when he came out and married my Mom, he moved from New Haven, Connecticut to Charleston, West Virginia.”

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Mazzella In Business In Focus: September 2015

A Legacy In The Making

As featured in Business In Focus
"Mazzella Companies is a premier provider of lifting and rigging solutions.”

The company is a one-stop shop for the highest quality products and service and gives its customers confidence and satisfaction in the quality of its products, people and approach.

Although Mazzella Companies was founded in 1954, its history in the industry dates back further, as the Mazzella family has been involved in the lifting and rigging business for generations. Speaking with Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies, one quickly gets a sense of the pride he has for his family's history of success in the industry.

Tony's grandfather invented wire rope slings and sold those patents to a wire rope company for which he and his son, James, would work. James would eventually go into the service and, upon his return, continued to braid wire rope slings by hand.

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