B-Series Air Lifting Bags (Simplex)

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B-Series Air Lifting Bags

Capacity Range:

1.1 - 74.1 Tons

Lifting Height:

2.7 - 20 In.

Maximum Pressure:

116 PSI

  • 11 models with capacities ranging from 1.1 through 74.1 tons.
  • Simplex air bags operate on standard shop air up to 116 PSI.
  • All models include 2 ply Kevlar with neoprene.
  • Wide variety of safety controllers for single and multiple bag systems.
  • Light weight makes the Simplex air bags easy to set up.
  • B22A through B74A bags come with side holes for attaching bags together.

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B-Series Air Bag Accessories

B-Series Air Bag Accessories


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