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Developed in response to the growing entertainment market and the ever increasing need for safety, the Straightpoint In-Concert™ dynamometer load cell system is just one more addition to the long list of our cost effective solutions to a dynamic lifting and rigging industry.


  • Concert arenas
  • Sports stadia
  • School theaters and auditoriums
  • Convention center facilities
  • Theater Stagehouses
  • Commercial theater
  • Performing arts centers
  • Auditoriums

Stage rigging needs for entertainment venues present a variety of loading criteria unique to the entertainment industry. Rigging systems and equipment are generally used to lift and position lighting, audio, video, scenery, special effects and related items. These rigging loads, resulting from both permanent and temporary systems, and sometimes acting simultaneously, can place unusual demands on the building system frame.

This latest solution from Straightpoint allows the monitoring and totaling of these rigging loads. Based on the Straightpoint Compound plus and Wireless loads hackle ranges, In-Concert allows the use of multiple load cells to monitor and sum static—dynamic or live, and side load forces at anchor points or fly points in the rigging system.

The In-Concert system allows the connection of multiple Straightpoint Wireless products to an Advanced Wireless Handheld Controller, or to a creative and user-friendly, windows-based software package. The system can use any combination of Straightpoint Wireless products, allowing for the use of our Wireless Loadshackles alongside the Radiolink Plus digital load cell dynamometer or a custom wireless loadpin.

The Advanced Wireless Handheld provides for the individual load monitoring and total load of up to 12 Straightpoint Wireless products from one easy to use advanced handheld device, while the Multiple Wireless Loadcell Controller Software will allow the simultaneous monitoring and total load of up to 24 Straightpoint Wireless load cell products from a single PC screen. With 16 frequencies to choose from, 384 Straightpoint Wireless Loadcells can operate in close proximity to one another simultaneously.

With In-Concert there are never any issues with interference from high voltage lighting, or other wireless transmissions. The Straightpoint wireless system provides high integrity, error free transmission of data via the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 Ghz) technology and a proprietary transport protocol. It is unmatched in performance, and capable of providing a license free transmission range of up to 800 feet.

When combined with Straightpoint Wireless accessories like our signal boosting module, analog output module and the 5" tall LED scoreboard display, it is clear that In-ConcertTM is truly a solution based product offering a level of flexibility not seen before in the entertainment rigging industry.


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