Lift Tables

Built To Your Specifications

We offer a wide variety of scissor lifts ranging from 500 to 100,000 Ib. capacity. Units built to your specifications are easily accommodated. Options include special table sizes, mobility packages, pit mounted units, multi-tier units, conveyors and/or turntables mounted to scissor lift platform, tilters, special paint color and private labeling.

Oversized platforms, beveled edges for pit mounting and lift eyes are standard options.
Pivot Pins:
All pivot pins are easily replaceable without grinding away any welds. Each pivot point standardly consists of a non-regreaseable turned ground and polished pin, and a self-lubricating high-performance bushing. Depending upon capacity and your unique application, pins and bushings with other characteristics may be used.
Every wheel is supplied with a grease-packed precision bearing for low friction operation and longer life.
SAE (Mobile) or NFPA (Industrial) cylinders are both available. Cylinders are clevis mounted with a regreaseable spherical bushing to ensure proper cylinder alignment. This design minimizes cylinder-side loading, which extends the cylinder’s life. Unique designs may require different cylinder mounting.
Hydraulic Lift Table:
  • 45 degrees of tilt
  • Special 24 in. high lip on hinge end
  • Accordion skirt guarding
  • Used for positioning baskets or gondolas filled with small parts near an assembly line
The scissor lift table can be actuated by a hand-held push-button station, a covered foot pedal or by an electrical signal provided by the customer. A magnetic starter and a transformer are mounted and pre-wired in an enclosure.
Power Units:
External power units, as opposed to smaller internal power units, are standard and provide continuous duty performance.
Mobility Packages:
Lighter capacity lift tables can be provided with casters and/or a wheel and dolly. Manual or powered carts are also available.
Conveyors, Tilters and Turntables:
Other material handling components are available and can be easily attached or integrated into your scissor lift table. These components include; turntables, conveyors, ball transfer tables and tilters.
Multi-Tier Scissor Lift:
  • For applications requiring short platform lengths and greater travels
  • 54 in. wide x 72 in. long platform
  • 6,000 Ib. capacity
  • 84 in. travel


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