Loadlink PlusTM—Tension Load Cell / Digital Dynamometer

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Straightpoint Logo Loadlink Plus™— Tension Load Cell / Digital Dynamometer Loadlink Plus™—Tension Load Cell / Digital Dynamometer

Available in capacities from 1 ton (2,200 lbs.) to 300 tons (660,000 lbs.)

Known worldwide as the original electronic force measurement device to feature an integral display, the Load Link Plus tension load cell / digital dynamometer has been in production since 1979. Over the years, the line has been expanded and the Loadlink Plus load cell is now used on a daily basis for load monitoring and heavy lifts ranging in capacity from 1 ton to 500 ton, by a variety of industrial and commercial industries to include manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and clean energy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large LCD Display
  • High Accuracy
  • Selectable Units
  • High Resolution
  • Peak Hold
  • Compact Size
  • Tare
  • Lightweight
  • Preset Tare
  • Overload Counter
  • Audible Set Point Alarm
  • RS-485 Serial Output

This latest version of the well-known product possesses advanced features and benefits, providing solutions for today's complicated load test and force measurement needs.

Constructed of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, Straightpoint's advanced internal design structure allows the product to set the industry standard with an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Straightpoint link style load cell dynamometers are on average 30% lighter than our closest competitor with the same safety rating.

In all, the rugged lightweight design, corrosion resistant finish, advanced electronics and full feature display make the Loadlink Plus a force to reckon with in the force measurement arena safety rating.


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