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Cable Laid Grommets have six ropes laid helically around a wire rope core with ends joined by a hand tuck to form an endless body. Highly flexible, they resist kinks and are easy to handle. Minimum circumference of the sling is 96 times the grommet body diameter. Circumferences less than 96 times the grommet body diameter are available. Recommended when Mazzella Split Tuck Core Splice is incorporated into sling fabrication.

Hand Tucked Continuous Construction —

Made from one continuous wire rope.

Hand Tucked Continuous Construction

Cable Laid Grommet Specifications

Reduction Chart

Wire rope grommet strength efficiency over various sizes of pins based on standard published rated capacities tables (D = connection point, d = wire rope diameter).

Reduction Chart

Reduction In Strength of Wire Rope

When Bent Over Sheaves or Pins of Various Sizes

Reduction In Strength of Wire Rope

Cable Laid Grommet Adjustment For Choker Hitches

Capacities are based on EIPS-Fiber Core Wire Rope

Rated capacities basket hitch and vertical lift based on D/d ratio of 5 where "d" = body diameter of the finished grommet
Rated capacities based on design factor of 5
Rated capacities based on pin diameter no smaller than 5 times the body diameter
Horizontal sling angles less than 30 degrees shall not be used

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