Single-Part Body Mechanically Spliced Wire Rope Slings

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Swaging Provides Positive Grip

Eyes are formed using the flemish eye splice. Ends are secured by pressing a metal sleeve over the ends of the strands of the splice. Pull is directly along the centerline of rope and eye. Gives most efficient use of rope capacity and is economical.

Swaging Provides Positive Grip This cutaway of a metal sleeve strands, swaged onto a splice shows how metal “flows” into valleys between strands to positively prevent ends from unlaying when sling is used within its rated capacity.

Flemish Eye SpliceFlemish Eye Splice In the standard flemish eye mechanical splice, rope is separated into two parts—3 adjacent strands, and 3 adjacent strands and core. These two parts are then re-laid back in opposite directions to form an eye, and ends are secured with a swaged metal sleeve.

Single-Part Body Mechanically Spliced Slings

Single-Part Body Mechanically Spliced Slings

Single-Part Body Mechanically Spliced Slings Specifications

* Rated Capacities Basket Hitch based on D/d Ratio of 25.
Rated Capacities based on pin diameter no larger than natural eye width or less than the nominal sling diameter.
Rated Capacities based on design factor of 5.
** See Choker Hitch Rated Capacity Adjustment. Sling angles less than 30 degrees shall not be used.
Above capacities based on EIP rope.

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