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Mazzella designs and fabricates custom spreader beams for all types of applications. We specially-engineer our spreader beams to meet your specifications and make sure our products are in full compliance with industry standards. Along with design and fabrication, we provide repairs and inspection of spreader beams.

Call us at 800.362.4601 to specify your spreader beam or click here to schedule a repair.

Spreader Beam Advantages:

  • Highly efficient in their use of material — typically smaller, lighter, and less expensive to design and manufacture than a lifting beam.
  • They use two lifting points instead of one singular lifting point — the weight of the load is distributed evenly across the beam, which eliminates the stress on a single lifting point.
  • Ideal for lifting very wide or heavy-duty loads.
  • Reduce the chances of load tipping, sliding, or bending
  • Reduce the chances of crushing or damage to the load because you can control the sling angles
  • Can be designed in fixed dimensions or can be engineered to allow for incremental adjustment of the sling angle, and the length of the beam itself, for off-center load adjustments.

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Design Sheets:

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