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Introducing… The C5! The Automatic Lifting Clamps

Elebia - C5 Lifting Clamps

The C5 lifting clamps are ideal for lifting and moving steel plates, beams or pipes thanks to the automatic remote release feature and failsafe design. Lift and transport with the C5 automatic release lifting clamps in a safe & secure manner, minimizing risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity in your operations.

Smart Lifting Solutions

Elebia - EVO Automatic Hooks

Elebia is a market leader in automatic lifting solutions and equipment with the patented evo automatic hooks and automatic lifting clamps. Remotely attach and release any load with no handling. Increase productivity, enhance safety and minimize risks in all your lifting operations.

The Crane Hook of Tomorrow

Elebia - CraneHooks

Elebia is the market leader in automatic crane hooks. They are proud to present its latest hook, the evo2. A much more compact and sophisticated automatic hook, able to lift up to 2,500 kg (5,511 lb) And just like its bigger brothers, it is able to engage and release loads remotely within a failsafe design that makes it physically impossible to drop the load during manueuvring operations.

How does it work?

The Elebia automatic hook will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes:

  1. The magnet attracts the ring
  2. The magnet orients the ring
  3. The hook adjusts and elevates the load


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