OSHA Required Inspections for Slings, Rigging, & Fall Protection

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OSHA 1910.184, ASME B30.9, B30.20, B30.26, & ANSI Z359 Require ...

Periodic, documented inspections on slings, rigging hardware, lifting devices, and fall protection every 12 months, at minimum, and monthly to quarterly in more severe service conditions.

Do you have the proper documentation in place?

OSHA Required Inspections for Overhead Cranes, Slings, Fall Protection, & Engineered Below-The-Hook Inspection

Our team of inspectors are certified to make sure your products meet OSHA and ASME requirements. We also provide personal fall protection inspections and basic level NDT inspections to support our visual inspections.

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Sling Inspections

We offer on-site sling inspections for all types of slings. Our highly-trained and qualified personnel will help ensure that your lifting slings are in good working condition, in compliance with OSHA and ASME requirements and provide documentation for your records.

Learn more about ASME B30.9 sling inspection requirements for:

Below-the-Hook Inspections

Our offerings include lifting-device evaluations starting with visual inspections up to, and including, magnetic particle and load test. We can offer these in your plant or in ours. We inspect each device in accordance with ASME B30.20 standards.

Our on-staff engineering and in-house manufacturing can provide reverse engineering of your existing device to design and manufacture a new device. Mazzella is a member of ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 committees with more than 100 years employed experience in engineered lifting devices.

Learn more about the inspection of below-the-hook lifting devices.

Personal Fall Protection Inspections

Since many companies today do not want the responsibility or liability of inspecting their own safety equipment—as required by OSHA—we offer this service, too.

The inspection program will follow the procedures recommended by the manufacturer and regulatory bodies, and includes a trained individual or team of experienced professionals to inspect all of your safety equipment on-site or at a Mazzella Service Center. We can inspect your personal fall protection harnesses, lanyards, and retractable devices.

Learn more about the inspection of personal fall protection equipment.

Crane & Hoist Inspections

We provide crane inspections, OSHA compliance, preventative maintenance programs and hoist inspections.

Learn more about CMAA, OSHA, and ASME inspection requirements for overhead cranes.

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