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1-6 | Best Practices for Maintaining Wire Rope Slings

The best way to help extend the life of a wire rope sling, and help to ensure that it stays in service, is to properly maintain it during and in-between each use. Inspections are easier to perform—and probably more thorough—when slings are easily accessible and organized, kept off of the ground, and stored in a cool and dry environment.

Best practices for maintaining wire rope slings:

  • Hang slings in a designated area where they are off of the ground and will not be subjected to mechanical damage, corrosive action, moisture, extreme temperatures, or to kinking.
  • When slings are exposed to extreme temperatures, follow the guidance provided by the sling manufacturer or a Qualified Person.
  • Do not subject fiber-core wire rope slings to de-greasing or to a solvent because of possible damage to the core.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s lubrication requirements.
Wire Rope Sling Inspection Maintenance

Wire Rope Lubrication

Like any other machine, wire rope is thoroughly lubricated at time of manufacture. Normally, for sling use under ordinary conditions, no additional lubrication is required. However, if a sling is stored outside or in an environment which would cause corrosion, lubrication should be applied during the service life to prevent rusting or corroding.

If lubrication is indicated, the same type of lubrication applied during the manufacturing process should be used. Your sling manufacturer can provide information on the type of lubricant to be used and provide the best method of application. We recommend a wire rope lubricant that is designed to penetrate and adhere to the wire rope core.

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