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The Problem with Using Rigging Inspection Tags

Adding inspection tags or markings to rigging equipment is a trend that’s been growing in popularity with business owners and safety personnel across the country.  

While it’s admirable to develop an in-house protocol that indicates that rigging gear meets periodic inspection requirements, there are a few applications we’ve witnessed in the field that are a cause for concern rather than admiration.

In this episode, Devon and Mike sit down with Tom Horner and Bryan Holmgren, who manage the Rigging Inspection business unit for Mazzella. We discuss the issues and misconceptions with inspection tags and markings, in addition to their recommendations on the best way to keep your rigging equipment safe and compliant.

At Mazzella Companies, we can and do tag and mark rigging equipment based on the needs of our customers and any internal programs they’ve developed. However, we wanted to provide an inspector’s perspective on this practice that is not currently required by any OSHA or ASME standards.

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