Mazzella’s certified rigging inspectors can assist you with records retention, understanding laws & standards, and scheduling your periodic inspections for lifting slings and below-the-hook lifters to help keep you OSHA and ASME compliant.

Do you need to schedule your required periodic inspection for lifting slings or below-the-hook lifters? Contact Mazzella’s Inspection group.

In this video we cover:

1) The history and growth of our Rigging Inspections division
► How Tom Horner was tasked with building the division 0:08
► Our rigging inspectors are certified by ITI’s rigging inspectors course 0:30
► From big steel and automotive plants, to small operations, we can help 0:45

2) Our understanding of laws and standards will help keep you OSHA/ASME compliant
► The difference between annual and periodic inspections 0:53
► Vetting process to ensure your inspectors are qualified and competent 1:26

3) Mazzella’s rigging inspectors aren’t salespeople or trainers. They do inspections only.
► How our inspectors are singularly focused 1:40
► What happens after the rigging inspection is complete 1:45

4) Our coordinators ensure schedules are met and communication is open
► Our inspection group runs a tight ship 2:00
► We track your inspection frequency so you don’t have to 2:26

5) The process of working with our inspectors
► Our first time at your shop will be to understand your business 2:51

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