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Warehouse Conveyor and Pallet Lift Solutions for Swisher International

In this case study, we take you to the headquarters of Swisher International in Jacksonville, Florida to discuss a conveyor and lift solution we were able to provide for their manufacturing facilities in Florida and the Dominican Republic.

Jim Stronski and David Collum from Swisher International, talk about the challenges they faced and their experiences working with our Warehouse Solutions team.

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Their First Problem: (0:20)
The finished product was set on pallets before getting shipped out. The main issue was their shipping area was in a separate building from the finishing area. This caused pallets to pile up in the finishing area, making the use of a fork truck to transport pallets difficult.

Our First Solution: (0:45)
Install a conveyor system that would easily transport product from the finishing building to the shipping building for pickup. This solution helped improve efficiency and increased floor space.

Their Second Problem: (1:35)
Three buildings required access to their pallet inventory, but there was no way to move the volume of pallets required to the various floors of their buildings.

Our Second Solution: (1:45)
Our Warehouse Solutions team, led by Al Bove, shipped and installed three different pallet lifts into each of their buildings to provide easy mobility of their pallet inventory to every floor of their three buildings.

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