Different Types of Overhead Cranes for Material Handling Applications

What are the different types of overhead crane systems for material handling applications, and which is the best for you? In this video, we break down the different types of overhead cranes and the components you’ll find.

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This is just the second section from the first lesson of an entire course dedicated to overhead cranes. The goal for the course is to serve as a free source of information if you own, or are considering buying, an overhead crane system.

In this video we cover:
► What determines the capacity of the overhead crane system you need? 0:29
► Does the overhead crane capacity affect the component quality? 1:06
► Modular cranes vs. process cranes: which is the best? 1:26

The specific types of overhead crane systems:
► What is a gantry crane system? 2:10
► How many overhead cranes can fit in a single bay? 2:53
► What is a monorail crane system? 3:25
► What is a jib crane system? 4:04
► What is a workstation crane system? 4:53

We wrap up the video with:
► Which overhead crane system is the right one for you? 5:34

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