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7 Building Considerations When Designing Your Overhead Crane

Are you thinking about purchasing an overhead crane?

There are many factors that will affect the price of your quote, including duty cycles, capacity, environment, speed, and many others. But, a big part of the quoting process is the structural design of your building. In this video we look at 7 considerations within your building’s structure that will impact the price of your overhead crane. These are the things a crane manufacturer will look at when evaluating your facility.

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How to Gather and Compare Overhead Crane Quotes:


Installing an Overhead Crane in an Existing Building Structure:


Purchasing an Overhead Crane Process: From Consultation to Installation:


How to Measure for an Overhead Crane’s Span and Runway Length:


Overhead Cranes: From Top to Bottom


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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:50 – What will your crane manufacturer look at in your building?

1:54 – What you need to know about your crane’s width. Tapered Columns

2:53 – What you need to know about your crane’s width. Straight Columns

3:46 – How does your cement floor affect your overhead crane design?

6:24 – What you need to know about your building columns.

6:51 – What you need to know about your crane’s height.

7:39 – What you need to know about your crane bay length.

8:16 – What is obstructing your overhead crane?

9:33 – How does building access affect your crane quote?

11:17 – How can you learn more about overhead cranes?

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